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Sit back, relax and enjoy a glass

There's something interesting for everyone at Mud Puddle Winery. The tasting cabin is the perfect shelter area to sit and relax under a ceiling fan.  Perhaps you are looking for an outdoor option that provides social gathering for everyone?  We offer open field or the orchard'on the winery grounds as a venue that can be reserved for small groups!   You can bring your own blanket and share a picnic to enjoy with friends and family on our winery.  If you forget the basket, don't worry- delivery is available to the winery from many local restaurants!  Ask us for recommendations.

If you are looking for indoor type space, sit at our wine bar. You can also sit at one of our pavilion chat areas.  We encourage you to wander around, look at the farm and say hello to our family of charming and friendly mini Sicilian donkeys, miniature horses, and other animals!


Up for a small gathering?

Outdoor activities include tumble tower blocks, corn hole games and more.  Have a bottle under in the apple orchard, enjoy seeing the view of the farm animals or cast your eyes across the vineyard on over a 10 acre farm. 


Our boutique wine bar's capacity is 8-12 and  the winery grounds capacity is up to 50 guests.

Small Events

Although we are CLOSED for the 2023  season, we happily offer bottle sales through October 31.  Email us at and we will respond within 24 hours to arrange for your bottle pick-up. Cash/credit cards accepted.  Sales are NOT permitted on Sundays.



Season closed on October 14th

Red Wine
Sample wines from sweet to dry

Amaya's Smile-LIMIT        white                 Niagara

My Reflection                   white                Cranberry

My Indulgence             SOLD OUT             Pomegranate

Nana's Favorite-LIMIT    white/tart           Catawba

Farmer's Fascination       red /semi dry      Concord

Christina's Secret -LIMIT  apple/tart           Apple

Buck's Calling                     red/semi dry       Shiraz

Many of our wines are close to being sold out!

LIMIT # Available

Bring a book and a basket

Enjoy a lazy day and share a bottle of wine, a good book and your picnic basket.  If no blanket, we have plenty of tables and chairs for you to enjoy the view at our outdoor venue.  If you forgot the basket, don't worry we provide pre-packaged snacks, bottled water or we can recommend local restaurants that delivers.
Image by Evangelina Silina
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